JVL 200x200 John Van Leeuwen, President – Senior Consultant

A business advisor and operations executive with success in leading strategic programs that grow businesses, improve performance, create unique service experiences or streamline costs. A specialist in large-scale transformation, Mr. Van Leeuwen has launched many multi-year corporate transformations which have delivered over $1.5 billion in annual value. He has advised senior executives and business unit leaders in a broad range of industries including oil and gas, chemicals, basic materials, industrials, automotive, engineered products and aerospace. Mr. Van Leeuwen has consulted in over 30 countries including all the major Asian economies.

Mr. Van Leeuwen has extensive experience in operational improvement having led consulting engagements in revenue enhancement, supply chain management, manufacturing & maintenance excellence, sourcing, materials management and performance improvement.

Prior to his current role at Lion & Stutz, Mr. Van Leeuwen held the following positions:

  • Global Lean Coach, Shell Oil Manufacturing: developing and leading a team of 60 improvement agents around the globe
  • Senior Executive Advisor, Booz & Co: built a team of 17 experienced industry consultants
  • Vice President Sales, Jonova: early stage start up focused on supply chain management software development
  • Principal, Booz Allen & Hamilton: country manager for Indonesia and leader of SE Asian steel practice
  • Manufacturing Development Engineer, Hewlett Packard: team member focused on improving process yield

JC 200x200Jamie Campbell, Program Director

With specialties in strategy and talent development programs, Mr. Campbell has worked with clients in many industries, including technology, energy, engineering & construction, marine transportation, facilities management, retail and healthcare. He has led projects ranging from large-scale corporate strategic transformation through tactical assessment and performance improvement projects.

Mr. Campbell has over 12 years of management consulting experience, and brings significant corporate and business unit strategy expertise combined with a depth and breadth of experience working with front-line employee development and performance improvement programs.

Prior to his current role at Lion & Stutz, Mr. Campbell held the following positions:

  • Principal, Booz & Co: led strategy and operational effectiveness engagements for technology and energy services clients
  • Principal, Katzenbach Partners: developed and led transformation and strategy engagements for engineering & construction, energy, metals and healthcare clients
  • Product Planning Director, Gateway: managed market entry and growth phase of digital TV business and computer monitors
  • Engagement Manager, McKinsey & Co: team manager for client engagements in technology, ecommerce, retail and energy industries
  • Quality Engineer, Federal-Mogul Corp: managed ISO 9001 quality system and developed quality improvement programs for heavy duty seal manufacturing plant
  • Area Manager, Gencorp: managed union work force manufacturing automotive sealing systems
  • Lieutenant, U.S. Navy: naval aviator (F-14 Tomcats) and officer of the deck responsible for leading team maneuvering an aircraft carrier through 2 overseas deployments

Rodrigo Herrera, Program Director

An expert in talent strategy with successful engagements in fast-growth, entrepreneurial, and large-cap companies as well as leaders and their executive teams. His record of enabling greater achievement is founded on identifying sources of capacity and capability through data, and designing and delivering programs to improve individual and group performance. Dr. Herrera has successfully led efforts in the energy, construction, utilities, logistics, software, insurance, and telecommunications sectors as well as government and non-profit organizations. He is highly effective at developing cross-organizational collaboration and relationships in national and international settings with a proven record of generating tangible results.

Rodrigo’s strategy consulting experience comes from McKinsey and Co. as well as Katzenbach Partners. He has helped executives achieve breakthroughs in leadership pipeline development, sales force effectiveness, operations efficiency, partnering strategies, and new product development. Some of his most recent work was with the fast-growth education non-profit KIPP Houston where he served as Chief People Officer with a focus on leadership development, employee engagement, executive effectiveness, and overall talent strategy.

The common thread through all these assignments is a focus on data driven analysis combined with a deep awareness that people make the difference. Specific areas of achievement include:

  • Executive team effectiveness for a leading multi-national pharmaceutical company.
  • Talent management strategy development for a $2B construction company.
  • Change management for a real estate firm growing 30% per year.
  • Sales force effectiveness analysis and capability development for large commercial accounts for a $9B utility company.
  • Identification through quantitative and qualitative methods of different profiles of sales success.
  • Operations performance improvement for coal-fired utility plants.
  • Support staff reorganization and right-sizing for a real estate company.
  • New product sales roll out and training strategy for a top 5 national insurance company.
  • Recruiting strategy development for fast-growth charter school district.
  • Supporting post-merger integration through design and launch of a cross-functional implementation team for an international oil field services provider.

Rodrigo holds a Bachelor’s degree from Duke University and a Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Austin.

George Danner, Senior Consultant

Mr. Danner is a frequent collaborator with Lion & Stutz.  He is also President of Business Laboratory (www.business-laboratory.com), LLC, an award winning consultancy that uses the very latest scientific techniques and methods to improve the performance of mid-size and large organizations through problem-solving, the optimization of existing practices and advanced forecasting.  He specializes in the application of agent-based simulation modeling, Monte Carlo simulation, System Dynamics, Game Theory, Visualization, and Real Options to some of the world’s most difficult and complex business strategy problems.

Mr. Danner has 29 years of experience in corporate strategy, specifically operational and financial analysis, across a wide variety of industries: manufacturing, energy, telecommunications, transportation and financial services.

Prior to founding Business Laboratories, Mr. Danner held the following positions:

  • Executive at nGenera Corporation
  • Founder of Industrial Science, LLC
  • Consultant at Arthur Andersen

George has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Texas A&M University and a Master of Science in Management from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

“Helped us to see the next level of performance.”

“We were two years into an Operational Excellence program that had started to plateau. Lion & Stutz helped us to see the next level of performance improvement and built a sustainable program to achieve the benefits.”

Former SVP – Generation Operations